Our Staff

Headshot of President and CEO Brenda RosenPresident and CEO Brenda E. Rosen has devoted her career to the issue of homelessness, first as an attorney in New York City’s Department of Homeless Services. She joined Common Ground in 1999 as Director of the Prince George, where she helped to establish a model of sustainable affordable supportive housing for New York City. In 2006, she was promoted to Director of Housing Operations and Programs. In the role of President and CEO since 2011, Brenda leads Common Ground in its mission to address homelessness in New York.

Executive Office

  • Brenda Rosen – President and CEO
  • Vanessa Miller – Special Assistant to the President/CEO
  • Judith Rosenfeld – Vice President, Special Projects

Administration (HR/IT/Payroll)

  • Toby Sherman – Vice President, Administration
  • Myrna Brown – Director, Human Resources Operations
  • Monique Davis-Denton – Director, Training and Recruitment
  • Diane Gibbs – Director, Payroll and Benefits

External Affairs

  • Jeff Scheuer – Vice President, External Affairs
  • Jessica Berry – Manager, Institutional Giving
  • Beth Carmody – Director, Communications


  • Kevin Moran – Chief Financial Officer
  • Anthony Mangione, CPA – Controller, Not-for-Profit Operations
  • Jill Murphy – Controller, Real Estate Operations
  • Ravi Namakkal – Assistant Controller, Real Estate Operations
  • Jean Smith-Gilmour – Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

Housing Development

  • David Beer – Vice President, Real Estate Development
  • Zachary Korb – Director, Real Estate Development
  • Elissa Winzelberg – Director, Design and Construction

Housing Operations and Programs

  • Claire Sheedy – Vice President, Housing Operations and Programs
  • Doug Becht – Senior Program Director, Housing Operations and Programs (S2HBQ)
  • Aaron Dobish – Assistant Vice President, Housing Operations and Programs
  • Seth Lamar – Assistant Vice President, Housing Operations and Programs
  • Chloe Marin – Assistant Vice President for New Operations, Housing Operations and Programs
  • Amie Pospisil – Assistant Vice President, Housing Operations and Programs
  • Shana Wertheimer – Assistant Vice President, Housing Operations and Programs

Building Directors

  • Jamilah Alexander – The Schermerhorn
  • Heather Anderson – The Lenniger
  • Shane Cox – The Lee
  • Davidson Headley – The Hegeman
  • Joanne Micelli – The Domenech
  • Paul Pavon – The Brook
  • Richard Pimentel – The Friedman
  • Carol Ann Ricketts – The Christopher
  • Todd Seward – The Times Square

Program Directors

  • Ralph Acevedo – Scatter Site
  • Howard Charton – Montrose Veterans Program
  • Kenia Maldonado – The Andrews
  • Chris Tabellario – Street to Home Manhattan

Community Directors

  • Cara Ochsenreiter – Street to Home Queens
  • Casey Burke – Street to Home Brooklyn

Facilities Management

  • Kelvin Brown – Director, Facilities Management

Quality Assurance and Compliance

  • Carrie Bloss – Vice President, Leasing and Quality Assurance
  • Jon Lee – Assistant Vice President, Quality Assurance
  • Joelle Matarazzo – Assistant Vice President, Leasing and Compliance