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Our Buildings

Common Ground is a pioneer in the development of supportive housing, using innovative financing strategies and historic restoration to revitalize buildings and neighborhoods while increasing the supply of affordable housing for with greatest economic need. Since 2005, all of our developments are designed to be LEED or Enterprise Green-Certified and feature sustainable design elements, including low-toxicity paints and materials to protect indoor air quality, increased natural light, energy-efficient heating and lighting systems, and green roofs.

Common Ground’s commitment to ending homelessness is brought to life through the buildings we own and manage. Whether by preserving historic landmarks or developing innovative new buildings, collaborating with partners or acting on our own, we create housing that is safe, affordable, and an asset to the surrounding community.

The Andrews


The Brook

The Bronx


Willimantic, Connecticut

The Christopher


The Lee


Montrose Veterans Residence

Montrose, New York

The Prince George


Scatter Site


The Schermerhorn


The Times Square